A Short Description of a Castle Turret

A turret is a tower that was used for defensive purposes on a castle. These towers were placed at regular intervals protruding from the castle walls to provide line of sight to all parts of the castle. With most early stone castles, these turrets were square in shape. These square turrets had some disadvantages. Primarily, a square walled turret was easily undermined by tunneling by the enemy. If one side of a turret wall was compromised, then likely the entire turret would fall. Later, turrets were round in construction. This made tunneling much harder, as a much larger section of wall would have to be tunnelled under to compromise the entire structure. Also, a round turret made for greater defense as a round wall has no blind spots. These turrets would have arrow slits placed around the perimeter to provide access from within the castle to archers who could shoot at the attackers of the castle. Later, as castles turned from defensive structures to fortified homes, turrets became more decorative than a defensive part of the castle.

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Exterior View of 16th-Century Turret ...
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